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Convertable Contact Form Tracks the Source of Each Lead

There is a cool new tool called Convertable that you should probably check out. It automatically tracks the source of every single web lead submitted through a contact form so you can then track the lead all the way through the end of the sales cycle. There is also a Convertable WordPress plugin, which you [...]

K Words

SEO Dictionary KEI: Keyword Effectiveness Index. The higher the KEI, the more popular the keywords are, and the less competition they have. KEI is an SEO standard but is typically limited in accuracy, but it at least provides something to base phrase strength on. Keyword (Key Phrase) – A word or phrase typed into a [...]

J Words

SEO Dictionary JavaScript – A client-side scripting language that can be embedded into HTML documents to add dynamic features. Search engines do not index most content in JavaScript. In AJAX, JavaScript has been combined with other technologies to make web pages even more interactive.

I Words

SEO Dictionary IDF (Inverse Document Frequency) – is a term used to help determine the position of a term in a vector space model. IDF = log ( total documents in database / documents containing the term ) Image Map – Placing separate hyperlinks on different areas of the same image. Clicking on different parts [...]

H Words

SEO┬áDictionary Header Tags – HTML tags that help outline a web page or draw attention to important information. Keywords located inside header tags can provide a rankings boost in the search engines. Examples: <h1>This is an H1 tag.</h1> <h2>This is an H2 tag.</h2> Hidden Text and Hidden Links – Using a text font that is [...]

G Words

SEO Dictionary GAP (Google Advertising Professional) – is a program which qualifies marketers as being proficient AdWords marketers. See also: Google Advertising Professional program. Gladwell, Malcolm – Popular author who wrote the book titled The Tipping Point. Godin, Seth – Popular blogger, author, viral marketer and business consultant. Google Base – Free database of semantically [...]

F Words

SEO Dictionary Filters – A filter is a software routine that examines web pages during a robot’s crawl looking for search engine spam. If the filter detects the use of spam on the page, a ranking penalty is assessed. Common filters look for hidden text, links to bad neighborhoods, and many other SEO techniques that [...]

E Words

SEO Dictionary Earnings Per Click – Many contextual advertising publishers estimate their potential earnings based on how much they make from each click. Editorial Link – Search engines count links as votes of quality. They primarily want to count editorial links that were earned over links that were bought or bartered. Many paid links, such [...]

D Words

SEO Dictionary Dayparting – Turning ad campaigns on or off, changing ad bid price, or budget constraints based on bidding more when your target audience is available and less when they are less likely to be available. Dead Link – A link which is no longer functional. Most large high quality websites have at least [...]

C Words

SEO Dictionary Cache – Copy of a web page stored by a search engine. When you search the web you are not actively searching the whole web, but are searching files in the search engine index. Some search engines provide links to cached versions of pages in their search results, and allow you to strip [...]

B Words

SEO Dictionary Bad Neighborhood – A web page that has been penalized by a search engine (most notably Google) for using shady SEO tactics, such as hidden text or link farms. Backlinks – Also referred to as Inbound Links. Links from another web site to your web site. Most search engines provide an easy way [...]

A Words

SEO Dictionary Above the Fold – A term traditionally used to describe the top portion of a newspaper. In email or web marketing it means the area of content viewable prior to scrolling. Some people also define above the fold as an ad location at the very top of the screen, but due to banner [...]

How PPC Works

PPC – How does it work? Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Sponsored listings are used in order to help establish a website on a search engine’s result pages when the common generic listings are not providing top positioning. By paying a PPC provider a fee it is possible to have a listing within the top few results [...]

Google Toolbar PageRank

Does it mean anything or is it only for Entertainment Purposes? Last week, two statements about Google’s PageRank started a new discussion about this topic. The first statement was made in the Search Engine Watch forums. It was from a person who received the following answer to a PageRank question from a Google employee: The [...]

Call to Action

SEO, like every other industry, is full of buzz words. In advertising, “Call to Action” is going to be one of the most popular and most important buzz words to consider and even design your website for. Most of the websites concerned with “Call to Action” are looking at selling product, but any website should [...]


Learning from Reports … and Adjusting Accordingly Now that your website has been built and initially optimized, the next stage of SEO can begin; ReOptimization. This website has explained the importance of reports and that optimization never ends. What does this mean? Depending on what you are optimizing and who you are trying to market [...]

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