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General SEO

Submitting a Website to the Search Engines

If you already own your website, then you have received the spam emails promising submission to thousands of search engines. Or you may have looked at the tools that automatically submit for you. You could actually be placing your site in danger by using these services. Some of the search engines and directories can tell [...]

Backlinking – What are Backlinks and Why Do You Need Them for SEO?

Backlinking by definition; Also referred to as Inbound Links. Links from another website to your website. Backlinking Usage Encouraging websites to link to your site maintains and builds your sites ranking and is a great way to submit a website to the search engines. Google’s Sandbox delay can even be minimized, to a degree, by [...]

Thinking Like a Search Engine

Most search marketers are used to looking at things from a single perspective: that of a search marketer. Some of the more savvy marketers know enough to look at things from the perspective of end users as well, since those are the people they are ultimately trying to influence. The savviest of search marketers know [...]

Dangerous SEO Techniques to Avoid

Some webmasters and Search Engine Optimization companies will use any means they can think of to get a high rank in search engine listings. That is not always a good idea. Here are detailed a list of eight search engine optimization techniques that should not be used, and why. Every site owner wants to be [...]

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